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2017    “Tutto,” Otto Gallery, Bologna, Italy
2016    “C'era già tutto,” Hiro Proshu gallery, Modena, Italy
             “Karman,” Guidi&Schoen Gallery, Genoa, Italy
             “Orizzonte Variabile,” Bologna

Andrea Chiesi is an Italian artist specializing in oil painting. His work acts as a document that echoes forgotten spaces, having a remarkable significance of urban architecture. 

His compositions, void of human activity, still contain the atmosphere of a trace, as if the painting itself could reminisce about its past occupancy. Chiesi pulls inspiration from his illicit incursions into anonymous desolated interiors and deserted structures in various cities. Taking photographs on site and drawing sketches of their remains, he then movies to his studio were he manages to capture the ambiguous majesty of a place that once was, and will never be again.  His haunting scenes are charged with an overpowering presence, both symbolic and mysterious.

Using a palette of black, white and gray, Chiesi’s compositions are of an exquisite discipline, applying photographic proportions and veracious representation that contrasts with the enigmatic ambience given by the colors and scenes. The key of complex interaction between reality and fantasy is in the importance of memory, and how the artist reveals the images stored in it, including elements of emotional and abstract dimension.

Andrea Chiesi was born in Modena, Italy in 1966. He has represented his country at the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Marseille (1999), the Prague Biennale (2003), and the XXIX Biennale d’Arte Alto Roncaglia (2006). Chiesi has also been the recipient of numerous international awards, including the V Premio Cairo (2004), the Sovereign European Art Prize, Bonhams (2006), the Megawatt Award of the Terna Prize for Contemporary Art (2008), and more recently the Gotham Prize, Italian Cultural Institute, New York (2012 and 2013).

Andrea Chiesi

Italian, b. 1966