Known for the expressiveness and sensuality in her balanced organic forms, artist Sophia Vari brings WEARABLE SCULPTURE to Nohra Haime Gallery. Through November 14th, viewers will have a unique opportunity to see twenty-six exquisitely designed pieces from her newest jewelry collection.

These “portable sculptures,” as Vari has called them before, demonstrate how the artist seamlessly transitions from the complexity and elegance of her monumental work to the polish and sophistication she achieves on a miniature scale.

Made of gold, wood, silver and marble, these pieces embody her previous sculptures, paintings and collages. They are sensuous forms built with osculating curves, arabesques, arches, mounds and coils; they twirl and grasp each other until a whole, singular essence is achieved.

As in her sculptures that transform the space in which they are revealed, these shapes embrace the bodies that wear them, enchanting them as they are given another dimension to shine.

[Text Box: Thyas (bracelet), cocobolo wood, yellow gold, leather, ed. 2] Vari’s jewels become increasingly organic as they are worn, awakening as they move and travel. Her wearable sculptures are a continuity of the skin and the personality of a person, enhancing their presence and quality.

In the uniqueness of their character as works of art, Vari’s wearable sculptures build a connection between the strong expression of the artist and the attributes of the person who is wearing them. There is a certain spiritual correlation that occurs in her work, propelled by the essential interaction between the abstract form and the spectator, completing the work in a symbiotic creation.


Wearable Sculpture


on view at Nohra Haime Gallery through November 14th