The Nohra Haime Gallery is proud to present its new exhibition entitled, The Runway.  It is a group exhibition showcasing seven artists the gallery represents: Carol K. Brown, Lesley Dill, Valerie Hird, Adriana Marmorek, Ruby Rumie, Hugo Tillman and Sophia Vari. The mediums vary significantly allowing viewers to see paintings, drawings, media, photography and sculpture. 

In reading the title, The Runway, some concepts that immediately come to mind are fashion, catwalks and clothing. However, this runway will showcase this group of established artists that are all very different. 

On one hand, some use garments as a tool of communication to tell stories and historical narratives. Others, portray different types of portraiture such as environmental portraiture in psychological space and ethnographic portraits that reflect issues of class, race, gender, as well as associations with politics and economy. On the other hand, some artists technical mastery in the varied mediums seen throughout the exhibition reveal: different aspects of the human condition, transformative performances of personas and characters, concepts of eternity and ephemerality, as well as self-perception. Their technical dexterity also brings their figurines and effigies to life revealing their psyches and identity. In the case of Lesley Dill, her slender and sophisticated dress-sculptures represent historical figures, where she embroiders words on them that are from Emily Dickinson’s poems. Thus, in a similar way to Emily Dickinson, she clothes her characters literally with writing to reflect the physical qualities of language as well as to expose her historical personas. 

Dates: January 20 – March 6, 2022

For more information: Contact Carolina Scarborough at 212-888-3550 or

January 22 - February 26, 2022