Lesley Dill in The Portland Phoenix

January 2022

As a teenager, artist Lesley Dill had a vision that influenced the rest of her life and art. It was an experience of the unity of all life that often visits sensitive souls.

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​Lee Jaffe in Whitehot Magazine

October 2021

Lee Jaffe’s paintings are big, bold and blunt and border precariously on the grandiose. Impressive in dimension, they are even more so for their startling ingenuousness, sentimental eccentricity, and gentle, almost touching rendering of details. 

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Ruby Rumié in Miami Herald

December 2021

“Dominga” is one of 42 stylized studio photographs of itinerant Black female street vendors in Cartagena, Colombia, displayed in a Rockefeller Foundation grant-winning installation “Tejiendo Calle” (Weaving Streets), by Ruby Rumié.

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​Lesley Dill in Montgomery Advertiser

September 2021

​Artist Lesley Dill, a renowned New York-based artist, brings historical and literary figures from America’s past to life in a new exhibition opening October 9 and remaining on view until January 2, 2022, at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

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Juan Cortes in Culturescapes

May 2021

​The Migrants is a video game and a multichannel performance from 2014 that is based on a real migration routes of birds. Due to global warming, the Golden Warbler birds faced storms on the coasts of Florida which used to be their main destination. This caused the birds to alter their migratory routes exploring alternative way through Mexico and Central America until arriving in Colombia.

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Silvio Merlino in art-agenda

​May 2021

Inspired by Italian landscapes, Italian artist Silvio Merlino creates magical environments where the power of nature collides with man’s struggle to control it. Through his work we enter day-glo fantasies of a universe where beauty, elegance and grace are created through phantasmagorical collages utilizing fake fur, flippers, corals, glass candy and grated glass that shimmers.

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Silvio Merlino in Artdaily News

​May 2021

NEW YORK, NY.- Beings of Light is an exhibition of mixed media works from the 1980s by Italian artist Silvio Merlino, on view from May 12 through June 12. Merlino’s works have been shown internationally, most notably at the Venice Biennale, Nohra Haime Gallery, and throughout Europe.

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Adam Straus in Art in America Guide

April 2021

​A consummate observer of both nature and politics, Straus juxtaposes classic romantic landscapes of National Parks or images inspired by 19th-century artists such as Martin Johnson Heade and John Kensett with layers of recent newspaper coverage of politics, racism, immigration, human rights and other issues.

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Adam Straus in The Brooklyn Rail

by Joyce Beckenstein

April 2021

​Adam Straus is Still Looking for the Promised Land. A romantic at heart, he’s as humbled by nature’s transcendent beauty as he is unnerved by humanity’s ugly relationship with it. He deals with these ambiguities by conflating the sublime and the absurd with a brush of astringent humor. The impact of his paintings is unsettling...

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Eve Sonneman in Artpress Magazine

by Etienne Hart

January 2021

D’autre part, qu’une galerie comme Sonnabend expose des photographes comme Erica Lennard, que Farideh Cadot montre à plusieurs reprises le travail d’Eve Sonneman, cela apporte un changement des habitudes, un brassage. À cette occasion, des photographes ont commencé à se parler. C’est là un événement au moins aussi considérable que l’accroissement du nombre des galeries.

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Valerie Hird in Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art
by Paul Laster
March 2021

Inspired by seminomadic tribes that she’s stayed with and studied during years of travel in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa, Valerie Hird has been turning her visual interpretations of the nomad’s oral narratives, which they generously shared with her, into colorful paintings and works on paper for the past 20 years.
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Valerie Hird in Studio International

by Janet McKenzie

March 29, 2021

Valerie Hird ’s work explores cultural mythologies and the function they assume in societies within global culture. Over a 30-year period, Hird (b1955, Massachusetts) travelled regularly and extensively in the Middle East, Central Asia, Spain and Turkey, living among the Bedouin, Berber, Turkic and Kirghiz people. She is now “particularly interested in iconic images and forms...

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​Niki de Saint Phalle in the Annual San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame


March 2021

​Experimental assemblages gave way to “Tirs,” or shooting paintings, bringing de Saint Phalle international fame and membership in 1961 with a group of artists, the “New Realists,” which also included Christo, Yves Klein, Arman and Jean Tinguely, among others. She never stopped exploring and worked with different materials, may it be polyester, bronze, or mosaic.

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Beth Lipman in The New Yorker

by Johanna Fateman

December 2020

This glass artist’s compact mid-career survey at the Museum of Arts & Design, titled “Collective Elegy,” is a seductive, cinematic affair, well suited to Lipman’s themes and to her glittering, translucent medium. The show’s breathtaking centerpiece is presented for maximum effect: a phantasmic sculptural still-life ...

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Nohra Haime Gallery in Pinta Miami 2020 | CONTEMPORARY | PHOTO

VIRTUAL | December 2 - 15, 2020

PINTA MIAMI is a must stop for collectors, curators and artists from all over the world that are to visit the fair during Miami Art Week and on our virtual platform The PINTA MIAMI VIP Program is an agenda of events designed to enrich your visit to the fair, which includes exclusive events, guided visits to the fair, to museums and institutions, amongst other activities. 

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Nohra Haime Gallery in Art Miami 2020

VIRTUAL | ​December 1 - 20, 2020

A curated selection of works from Beth Lipman: Every Last Thing, currently on view at our gallery in New York, as well as select pieces by gallery artists. Works reflected are available for viewing at Nohra Haime Gallery.

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Lesley Dill gives 1-hour Zoom Talk for Hunter Museum of American Art

Virtual Art Wise: In The Studio With Lesley Dill

Thursday, November 19th, 6-7pm EST

Meet Lesley Dill, whose work is featured in The F Word: We Mean Female! now on view at the Hunter Museum of American Art. Dill will first give an overview slide talk of her work, then invite you to see her home studio, ask her questions, and learn about her process via Zoom. Lesley Dill’s artwork contemplates the intersection of text and figure, drawing from literature, faith, and her own travels. Her most recent work investigates early visionary Americans....Read More

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Beth Lipman: Collective Elegy now open at MAD


September 17, 2020 - April 4, 2021

For more than twenty years, Beth Lipman has transformed glass, metal, clay, video, and photographs into powerful statements addressing mortality, temporality, identity, and excess. The exhibition brings together a decade of work, and is the first major scholarly assessment of the artist’s career. In these turbulent times, Lipman’s art reminds us of where we came from, the subjectivity of history, and the need for harmony with the larger world.

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Valerie Hird's new animated video What Did Happen to Alice? wins Best Shorts Competition's Award of Excellence

​Nohra Haime Gallery is pleased to announce Valerie Hird's animated video, What Did Happen to Alice?, has won Best Shorts Competition's Award of Excellence in two categories: Women Filmmakers and Animation.  In this new video, Hird constructs her ‘Biomythology’ – a personal narrative that lies uneasily at the intersection of biography, history and myth. As a white woman raised in the margins of post WWII colonialism, she now finds she’s a foreigner – a confused stranger in her own land....

Learn more about the ANIMATION
Visit the Best Shorts Competition WEBSITE

Lesley Dill in "The F Word: We Mean Female!"


August 21, 2020 - January 10, 2021

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the U.S., the Hunter celebrates many of the incredible works in its collection by female artists. Spotlighting larger installation pieces, many of which are rarely on view, the exhibition will include a range of artworks with a mix of subjects, styles and media. This exhibit is organized by the Hunter Museum of American Art.

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Julie Hedrick in MAD Kingston:

"Dear Artists: Be Brave, audacious and loving"

Summer 2020

When did you first know you were an artist?
As a child there wasn’t as much a “knowing I was an artist:” It was more just being around artists all the time and feeling at home in my father’s art studio as well as in other artists’ studios. My earliest and happiest memories are painting and talking about making things with my dad. I was about 16 when I knew it would be my life: I spent...

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​Lesley Dill in Anatomy of a Collection: Recent Acquisitions and Promised Gifts


Opening TBD

​To mark ten years since the Lightcatcher building’s construction, the Whatcom Museum celebrates the works of art welcomed into the permanent collection during this time. We also acknowledge the long-standing relationships with area artists and patrons who have helped to shape and expand the collection through gifts of art. Their generous contributions support the Museum’s mission to stimulate inquiry about our changing...

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​​Lesley Dill featured on the Cover of December Magazine


The Gallery is pleased to announce Lesley Dill's Red-Orange Bird Puppet with Black Hair (2013) is featured on the cover of December Magazine in the Spring/Summer issue of 2020, Volume 31.1.

Ruby Rumie's book TEJIENDO CALLE/WEAVING STREETS wins Gold in Book Design


Proudly announcing Ruby Rumié's book TEJIENDO CALLE/WEAVING STREETS as winner of Gold in Book Design 2020 by Indigo Design Awards.​ Weaving Streets was an expression used by grandmothers to refer to the people who permanently walked the streets of Cartagena. This play-on-words as a title because it aptly describes the routine of a group of women who devoted their lives to selling food door-to-door in this city of the Colombian Caribbean. This book by the artist Ruby Rumié, brings together 50 of these women, who were...

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