Italian artist Nicola Bolla will be exhibiting In the Windows at Nohra Haime Gallery through July. This installation consists of two paintings where the artist’s rendition of fish explores the flow of energy, movement, and reaction between the paintings. Upon entering the room, the viewer feels as if being inside or being a spectator in an aquarium. When exploring and studying the soft movement of fish in a static environment there is a sense of silence.

These paintings play with the juxtaposition of continuity and stillness. The fish are jumping or swimming from one canvas to the other, traveling the seas in large families. Yet, at the same time, Bolla achieves a particular stillness through these paintings, a stillness usually only achieved by a photograph when it captures that second frozen in time with one click. 
Working with the technique of dry pigment on a monochrome surface, Bolla applies colors to a painted surface creating other worldly illusions that float on a field. 

Nicola Bolla lives and works in Torino, Italy. He has been part of the Freight Elevator Project 2 in Dumbo, and has had numerous one-man and group exhibitions in Europe. He is also a published poet.

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Through July, 2021