El Pescao

May 5 - June 5, 2021


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Ruby Rumié first saw a man on a bicycle with a fish as a hat eight years ago. She was entranced and spent years searching for him.
“I'm not selling it,” he told me, “I caught it myself on a fishing boat near Istmina and turned it into a hat. Everyone calls me "El Pescao" (The Fish”) because I don't even take it off to sleep. What I sell is borojó. I get it in Chocó and I bring it here in Cartagena because you can't see this fruit around here and many people are interested because it has many properties. Imagine this package is used to improve the thyroid, remove fever, it is useful for constipation, it helps the malnourished and even increases sexual potency. Buy me this last bag and you won't regret it. Don’t you see me firm? Well, there you go, that's the borojo.
I spend up to three and four months around here collecting money and until I sell the last package I don't go back to my town. I have my family there, only one woman and four pelaos (kids), who are already grown up. Everyone is already searching.
Here I have my cycle and a room to sleep, with this I can go out to sell and the hat is to protect me from the sun. But I became famous like this Pescao and now they even call me on the street and everything.
It makes me laugh because as long as they buy me the fruit I am happy in the game. Do you know,  right?”
This group of photographs will be exhibited “In the Windows at Nohra Haime” beginning May 5th until
June 5th.

May 5 – June 5 , 2021

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